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Licensed Massage Therapist • Yoga Therapist • Clinical Exercise Specialist

(Owner.  No longer practicing at this location) ) 

Ellen is the founder of Mason Street Wellness. She grew up in Greenwich, CT and graduated from Brown University with a degree in the History of Science and an ongoing interest in both medical and educational sciences. Her interest in how people are best able to heal body and mind led her to pursue yoga teacher training in 1995 in New York City with Sharon Gannon, David Life and Leslie Kaminoff, while also working in the theater business. She is a graduate of the Jivamukti Yoga School, and Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy program.  As a yoga teacher, Ellen has specialized in yoga training for scoliosis and back care, having also learned a great deal from her own personal experience with scoliosis and spinal fusion.  


Ellen became a liensed massage therapist in 2006 after graduating from Kinesis school of Myofascial Integration with Tom Myers . In 2007, while working full time at Sea Island resort in GA, she developed a niche, teaching “yoga for golf” with professional and amateur golfers. She then continued to pursue certification in Personal Training and Aquatics Instruction. Her accumulated continuing education in both fields, massage and fitness, is extensive and includes certification as a Clinical Exercise Specialist through American Council on Exercise, Structural Integration with Tom Myers (author of Anatomy Trains), Craniosacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute.


Since 2014 Ellen has been working as a massage therapist and Yoga teacher with Dr. Halina Snowball, as a vital part of a team practicing integrative medicine for pain management. The practice is located at the Stamford Campus of Greenwich Hospital. Working with Dr. Snowball has been a privilege and an education in itself.  


Ellen is an active member of The Grace Notes, a women's acapella singing group located in Greenwich.    


She is currently pursuing her Masters in Public Health at New York Medical College.


Licensed Massage Therapist • Sports Massage • Myofascial Release

(203) 940-1590‬

Jonathan is a 2006 graduate of the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, and has advanced training in sports massage, myofascial release, and deep tissue massage. He pairs these techniques with complimentary therapies such as trigger point massage and cupping to create highly targeted, therapeutic sessions.  Athletes especially can effectively optimize their performance with pre and post event massage. Therapeutic massage of this kind is also highly effective at preventing and treating sports-related injuries. 


Whether you are a professional athlete, enjoy sports recreationally, or simply wish to relax, Jonathan tailors each session to your unique needs.  He can help you relieve pain due to muscle strains or soreness, maintain your agility and mobility, and achieve optimal postural alignment. His goal is to give you a great massage that will restore your sense of balance and well-being by relieving both stress and tension and by also addressing the sources of muscle discomfort and pain. 

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